Accessories for rotating cleaning machines

Accessories for rotating cleaning machines


To complement the functions of the RUBILIM, RUBI offers professionals a full range of accessories for this rotary cleaner.

Within the range of RUBILIM accessories for the rotary cleaner, the professional will find: brushes of different hardness's and abrasions, for jobs of light brushing or smoothing, as well as a varied collection of pads adapted to all kinds of cleaning and surfaces; from the most delicate to the most resistant.

We also find, within the accessories for RUBILIM rotary cleaner, everything needed to perform superficial and crystallized polishing, as a maintenance phase of our terrazzo, marble, or granite floors, such as: the mounting plates, the diamond plates themselves in different grain sizes, the additional weights for the ballasting of the machine, and improving the process efficiency, etc.

RUBI also offers various supports to adapt the RUBILIM to other processes of cleaning, polishing, or finishing, such as plastering or grouting ceramic floor tiles.