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The RUBI-KANGURO chute control ring is an accessory that is adaptable to the last section of the rubble chute column.

This accessory allows the last sections of the column to be easily manoeuvred into the desired position, aiming and controling the exact point of discharge of rubble at all times.

With the RUBI-KANGURO chute control ring the operator can adjust the loading level of the container, avoiding the accumulation of rubble in one spot and avoiding the saturation or blockage of the last section of the column.

The chute control ring attaches to the free chain of the last section of the column at the height desired by the user. It also allows the user to tie a cable that improves the manoeuvre and to fasten the column to the container to avoid any sudden movement caused by the inertia of rubble unloading.

The RUBI-KANGURO range of accessories for rubble chutes is designed to facilitate the assembly and disassembly of rubble chute columns, while facilitating their use and ensuring at all times the maximum safety for users and the surroundings in which they have been installed.

All materials used in the manufacture of RUBI-KANGURO accessories for rubble chutes are top quality and meet the brand’s most stringent requirements.

RUBI has more than 65 years’ experience of manufacturing tools for the construction industry. During this long period of time, our products have earned the trust of millions of users around the world. Today, RUBI continues to design and manufacture new products to keep this trust at the highest level possible. Our brand, as well as our products, is synonymous with quality and satisfaction guarantee. Construction professionals trust us, and we therefore focus our efforts and our passion in all our products.


  • Customised accessory for the last section of the chute
  • It allows the last section of the chute to be easily manoeuvred into the desired position.

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