Cleaning Helper

Cleaning Helper

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Grouting and cleaning is the culmination of any installation of ceramic tiles. RUBI has everything to meet the needs of every professional after completion of the setting process. Furthermore, RUBI offers a wide range of products for ceramic and natural stone tile maintenance.

The range of tools and equipment for RUBI cleaning and finishes combines both manual and electric tools, allowing us to adapt and get the best results depending on the type of installation where we are working. These jobs range from grouting to the subsequent cleaning, also including treatments for ceramic and natural stone, buckets, cleaning kits and two electric machines; one to clean large areas of grouting and the other to polish, shine and wax, etc.

The process of creating our tools includes a test period in real working situations in different markets, conducted by a trusted group of professionals in the industry. This action allows us to detect points to improve before placing products on the market and/or adapting them to the end user.

The RUBI range of grouting tools, like all products in the catalogue, has an international guarantee. RUBI provides a guarantee service worldwide through our sales offices and official dealers, which represent the importance and presence of our brand worldwide.

For more detailed information, please get in touch through the section \'Discover RUBI \', where you may submit direct questions and comments.

We also provide you with a great many documents such as: product data sheets, photographs or demonstration videos, with the sole purpose of always providing maximum information to bring our product closer to the professional.


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closeRC-10 cement remover cleaner

RC-10 Cement Remover effectively removes residual cement and mortar adhered to the surface of ceramic tiles.The main advantages of the RC-10 Cement Remover are its excellent descaling capacity and fast action.RC-10 Cement Remover is a product for cleaning residual cement, mortar, cement adhesive and any lime-based substance on porcelain tiles, ...

closeRC-11 cement remover (metal safe) cleaner

The RC-11 Cement Remover (Metal Safe) effectively removes residual cement and mortar adhered to the surface of flooring tiles.The main advantages of the RC-11 Cement Remover (Metal Safe) are: its great descaling power and its guarantee to not damage metal finishes, owing to its organic-based formula.

closeRC-20 General purpose cleaner

RC-20 General Purpose Cleaner effectively cleans remnants of dirt from construction and renovation works and old layers of wax on the most common surfaces.The main advantages of RUBI RC-20 RUBI General Purpose Cleaner are: its high degreasing power, fast action and easy application.

closeRP-50 Stain protector (porous surfaces)

RP-50 Stain Protector (Porous Surfaces) prevents stains from soft drinks, wine, oil, coffee, etc., penetrating into the pores of the material, minimizing damage and facilitating subsequent cleaning.Besides protecting against stains, RP-50 Stain Protector (Porous Surfaces) does not change the original appearance of the treated surfaces.

closeRP-51 Stain protector

The RP-51 Stain Protector penetrates into the pores without forming a film and facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the treated surfaces.It is ideal for protecting polished natural stone and porcelain tiles. Does not change the original appearance of the material.RP-51 Stain Protector is a high quality, water and oil repellent product ...

closeRW-71 Low porosity surfaces wax

RW-71 Low Porous Surface Wax is a self-shining wax with high durability and footfall resistance.This is a water and detergent resistant wax, so that shine lasts longer after regular maintenance cleaning operations.RW-71 Low Porous Surface Wax is a self-shining liquid wax designed to give a high gloss look to low porosity surfaces such as polished ...

closeRO-81 Crystalliser

RUBI RO-81 Crystalliser achieves a natural shine and increases scratch resistance on polished marble, granite and terrazzo surfaces.In addition to giving a natural shine to these materials, the RO-81 Crystalliser is long lasting, partly owing to its high resistance to traffic.RO-81 is a product designed to crystallize natural and polished ...