Cleaning machines

Cleaning machines

Cleaning, protection and maintenance


The RUBI range of cleaning products for ceramic tiles and other materials meets the needs of the industry.

Within the RUBI cleaning, protection and maintenance range, users can find a wide array of specially developed products, not only for the most common cleaning processes in the ceramic tile fitting process, but also a set of specific cleaners for the most delicate and tricky situations.

The RUBI cleaning, protection and maintenance range ensures a high level of service and provides users with a comprehensive solution, with products for all possible treatment stages; cleaners, protectors, products for waxing and other cleaning and finishing products.

The range also contains the tools needed to apply these correctly, such as floats, sponges, cleaning buckets, and cleaners and polishers.

End user support and their trust are also key factors in the RUBI cleaning, protection and maintenance range, and this is why we offer our customers and users several direct support resources (telephone helpline, Twitter and online) and a free App, available for tablets and mobile devices (iOS and Android), whereby both users and distributors can resolve any doubts regarding product orders or applications.

RUBI has more than 65 years’ experience manufacturing tools for the construction industry. During this long period of time, our products have earned the trust of millions of users around the world. Today, RUBI continues to design and manufacture new products that keep this trust at the highest level possible. Our brand, as well as our products, is synonymous with quality and satisfaction guarantee. Construction professionals trust us, and we therefore focus our efforts and our passion in all our products.