Tools and equipment for tile fixing

The main function of the DELTA LS levelling system from RUBI is to prevent the creation of lippage when installing ceramic tiles, both on floors and walls.

The DELTA LS levelling system also prevents the tiles from moving while the adhesive sets and, during installation, reduces the number of corrections to the position of the ceramic tile itself.

The basic principle of the DELTA LS levelling system is to press down on the highest piece, until it is evenly positioned with the adjacent tiles, thereby obtaining a substantial improvement of the surface's planimetry.

The DELTA LS levelling system from RUBI is a system of wedges and strips recommended for 30x30 cm formats or larger with varying thicknesses of 12, 15 or 20 mm depending on the model of strip used.

The use of the DELTA LS levelling system from RUBI is quick, easy and user-friendly. Once the installation is completed, the elements of the system are removed by impact (kicking or hammer), always knocking the strips in the direction of the joint.

The wedges of the DELTA LS levelling system can be re-used several times.

RUBI DELTA LEVELLING SYSTEM nippers are designed to be used in both horizontal (floor) and vertical (wall) ceramic tile installation work. The main function of the RUBI DELTA LS levelling system nippers is to apply the necessary pressure to the wedge to allow the levelling of the ceramic tile. Thereby obtaining the resulting homogeneous flatness.

The whole RUBI RDI team of engineers and professionals from all around the world has been vital in the design of all RUBI products. The fact that we receive information from many parts of the world gives us the opportunity to have a global view of business and of the needs of professionals in the construction industry, to be able to design tools adapted to each market.

Tile level system calculator

*Approximate calculation without considering perimeter or intermediate partitions of the surface to tile.