Diamond blade for porcelain TURBO - TPX SUPERPRO


The TPX SUPERPRO diamond blade has been specially designed for wet cutting of porcelain stoneware tiles (AIa/BIa) with a thickness of 20 mm.

The TPX SUPERPRO blade is a TURBO-type diamond band blade, 8 mm high and 2 mm thick, to offer the professional installer an optimal combination of speed and cutting quality. The diamond band is shaped by sintering and is joined to the steel core by laser welding, the most resistant on the market.

The steel core of the TPX SUPERPRO diamond blade has a series of specifically distributed perforations to facilitate ventilation and increase cooling and disc tension. The RUBI TPX SUPERPRO disc is suitable for use on cutting tables and cutting machines that incorporate a protection system in accordance with the standard for the use of non-continuous discs.

Taking into account the peculiarities of each type of disc (continuous, turbo, etc.) and the materials for which it has been designed, RUBI offers three qualities of discs for professionals: PRO, SUPERPRO and PREMIUM. PRO discs offer the professional user the best relation between performance and price. SUPERPRO discs highlight, on each disc, its most important feature. They are the right choice for the most demanding jobs. PREMIUM discs are the most specialized option. Always offering the best results.

RUBI recommends wearing appropriate clothing, safety shoes, safety glasses, hearing protection, head protection, a dust mask or some type of respirator. Strict attention to the instructions for the safe use of the equipment, when cutting with diamond blades, is required for the protection of your operator and others around the cutting area.

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