Discharge mouth for downpipes "LIGHTCHUTE"


Made of Polyethylene (PE), the LIGHTCHUTE discharge mouth offers excellent resistance to impact, due to deformation. Offering greater durability. The walls of 6 mm thick with ribbed interior, reduces the wear of the discharge mouth LIGHTCHUTE in contact with the friction of the debris.

In addition, the mouth is equipped with an extra set of two chains, extra-reinforced, 6 mm, which comply with DIN 763. It also has a 3 mm chain, on the front that facilitates the blocking of the upper section , when the mouth is used as an intermediate discharge point.

The use of the LIGHTCHUTE discharge nozzle, together with the rest of the elements of the RUBI-KANGURO downpipe range, facilitates the reduction of dust generated during the debris evacuation. Allowing work in an environment, cleaner, safer and respectful of the environment. Thanks to its low weight (5.7 kg) and size, the LIGHTCHUTE discharge nozzle allows quick and easy assembly.

Its design also allows stacking, forming a column that helps us save space during transport and / or storage. The height of the mouth, as a section, is 55 cm, so during the design of the column should be taken into account, at least 50 cm extra, length, for each mouth that you want to incorporate.

The LIGHTCHUTE discharge nozzle is 100% compatible with the straight sections of the LIGHTCHUTE downspouts of RUBI-KANGURO. If the client wishes to connect them to other downpipes, it must be taken into account that the lower diameter of the LIGHTCHUTE mouth is 46 cm and the upper diameter is 48.5 cm. (These data are very important, to determine if the mouth LIGHTCHUTE can be compatible with the legs of other manufacturers).

The discharge mouth LIGHTCHUTE of RUBI-KANGURO, as well as the rest of LIGHTCHUTE and RUBCHUTE downpipes, comply with the European Regulation 1907/2006 (REACH), on SVHC compounds (Substances of Very High Concern).

Product highlights

  • EXCELLENT impact resistance, due to deformation.
  • Greater DURABILITY


  • Discharge mouth for the LIGHTCHUTE range of downpipes. Compatible with initial section and intermediate sections.


  • It has walls of 6 mm thickness with a ribbed inside in order to reduce wear.
  • Equiped with 6 mm EXTRA-REINFORCED chains, which obey the DIN 763 regulation.
  • Locking chain of 3mm for intermediate chutes.
  • FAST and EASY assembly, quick attachement.
  • Apilables, para AHORRAR espacio.
  • Strong Strong
  • Reduced dust and noise Reduced dust and noise
  • Smokeless Smokeless
  • Reinforced Reinforced
  • Easy Use Easy Use
  • Light Light

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Plastic downpipe mouth "LIGHTCHUTE"
  • Ref. - 88765
  • EAN-13 - 8413797887655
  • Height of bucket - 54 cm
  • Bottom diameter - 450 mm
  • Top diameter - 485 mm
  • thickness - 6 mm
  • Useable height - 50 cm
  • Net weight without packaging - 5,7 kg
  • Units per box - 1
  • Units per pallet - 28
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