Discontinued or RUBI outlet products are all products which, whilst being fully functional and operative, have been replaced in the catalogue by more modern or updated products. These discontinued products are the result of RUBI's policy of continuously renewing and modernizing our range.

RUBI applies its knowledge of new ceramic materials, industrial adhesives and construction materials in the design of new products. It works on the design and manufacture of innovative products that offer high quality solutions whilst also saving time for industry professionals and seeking to achieve the best results. This process does not affect the quality of discontinued or updated products; they come with the same quality and guarantee as the rest of the RUBI ranges, having high performance and more than adequate usability.

The remaining stocks of discontinued products are available to the user so they can purchase them at unbeatable and highly advantageous prices, as they are subject to highly attractive discounts. These products are available while stocks last.

Discontinued products are part of the different RUBI Catalogue ranges, such as manual cutting and machining of ceramics, electric cutting and machining of ceramics, diamond blades, drilling, electric mixers and paddles, tools and accessories for tile fixing and finishing, safety equipment and accessories for tile cleaning and maintenance.

This range, like all products in the RUBI catalogue, has an international guarantee. RUBI provides a guarantee service worldwide through our sales offices and authorized dealers, which represent the importance and presence of our brand worldwide.