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The DRYGRES kits are the most economical solution for users who need to carry out dry cut drilling with different diameters and in any type of ceramic tile.

The DRYGRES 4DRILL bits kit comprises:

- 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm diamond drill bits.

- Carrying case.

The DRYGRES 4DRILL range of diamond drill bits are recommended for drilling all types of ceramic tiles, especially porcelain stoneware tiles, other surfacing materials or natural stone such as marble or granite.

In the DRYGRES 4DRILL range of drill bits, RUBI has used VACUUM BRAZED technology, which increases resistance to temperature and friction, to fix the diamond particles in the cutting area.

DRYGRES 4DRILL drill bits are perfect for installing bathroom accessories or any type of decoration accessory on ceramic surfaces.

DRYGRES 4DRILL diamond drill bits are designed to be used exclusively with electric drills, with or without cable. Their hexagonal connections allow them to adapt quickly to any market power drill.

The average life of the DRYGRES 4DRILL diamond drill bits is between 15 and 20 holes and ALWAYS depends on the diameter of the drill bit itself, the type and thickness of the material and the proper cooling and use.

The drilling depth of DRYGRES 4DRILL drill bits is 36 mm.

All DRYGRES 4DRILL bits contain wax inside. This wax melts while using the drill bit and facilitates cooling and the evacuation of drilling remains (if the wax runs out the drill bit can continue working, only the total loss of the diamond indicates the end of the life of the drill bit).

The minimum recommended speed of use for DRYGRES 4DRILL diamond drill bits is 2500 rpm.

For a better finish and durability of the bit, it is important to observe the suitable rotation speed and perform a slight orbital movement while drilling, as well as to ensure that once the hole is finished off there is no waste drilled material inside the drill bit.


  • Hexagonal connection without hammer. Ideal for battery-powered drills.
  • Dry drilling; wall tiles, stoneware, porcelain tiles and natural stone.
  • Minimum work speed: 2500 rpm.
  • The kit includes:
  • DRYGRES diamond drill bits 4DRILL; Ø 6, 8, 10 and 12 mm.
  • With case.
  • Dry cutting Dry cutting

Products not available in our current catalog

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DRYGRES 4DRILL drill bit kit
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