EPOXY-FIBER PCD diamond grinding cup


The roughing is a fundamental process in the works of rehabilitation, renovation and repair of surfaces, and to be able to obtain the best results it is necessary always to use the appropriate tools for each case.

Within the range of diamond grinding cups for RUBI roughing, the specialized professional can find the specific ones for surfaces with synthetic coatings, especially paints and epoxy resins.

The main feature of this diamond grinding wheel is that it uses polycrystalline diamond segments (PCD) that are fixed to the high-performance steel body by means of the high-frequency welding technique. This steel body has a series of holes to facilitate the evacuation of the remains of roughing material and increase the cooling of the diamond grinding cup.

The final result that leaves the PCD grinding cup for epoxy or fibres is a high roughing, perfect for leaving the pore open and repainting or reapplying a new coating film.

The RUBI PCD diamond grinding cups for the roughing of epoxy or fibres, have been designed for use with a grinder, so they have a connection of Ø 22.2 mm.

Adhesive residues or other acrylic coatings can also be removed with the PCD RUBI diamond grinding cups.

This range of products, like the rest of the ranges of our catalogue, is designed to offer the user a saving of time and to increase the efficiency in their work. At RUBI we are aware of the importance of efficiency and time savings today, so our product development managers are very focused on these concepts when designing new tools.

Thanks to the work and collaboration of all the departments of the company and the high loyalty of our customers from many parts of the world, we are aware of the demands and requirements of each market. For these reasons, we design and manufacture products and tools that adapt to each type of market and that meet the needs of the professional.


  • PCD grinding cup for fast removal of epoxy, paint, acrylics or other elastic coatings.
  • High frequency welding. Heavy-Duty steel core. Medium grinding finish.
  • For GRINDING use.
  • Maximum perimeter speed: 12,250 RPM.

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PCD Ø125 EPOXY-FIBER Grinding Cup
  • Ref. - 5922
  • EAN-13 - 8413797059229
  • Outside diameter - 125 mm
  • Inside diameter - 22,2 mm
  • Units per box - 1
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