The "ESPUERTA" no.2 rubber basket is flexible and ideal for carrying tools and rubble with just one hand.

Reinforced with nylon polyamide fabric to increase the tensile strength (at 30 ° C the breaking load is 90 Mpa and has a 45% of elongation).

The very thick and rounded handles of the "ESPUERTA" no.2 rubber basket provide it with a greater resistance and give comfort for the user.

The RUBI-KANGURO "ESPUERTA" no.2 rubber basket is a highly resistant, very versatile and functional product for any professional in the construction industry.

In general, RUBI-KANGURO "ESPUERTA" rubber basket models are suitable for mixing cement, mortar or any other material. They are perfect for loading solid materials, waste disposal and transporting tools, thanks to their resistant handles and their flexibility.

The "ESPUERTA" nº 2 rubber basket has a capacity of 11 litres.

Their excellent impact resistance, owing to their capacity to bend, means that we can offer construction professionals a highly durable product.

RUBI-KANGURO "ESPUERTA" rubber basket models are specially designed to combine resistance and flexibility, so that the basket can be transported with just one hand.

Because they are stackable, users save space in storage and they are easy to transport.

One of the features of RUBI-KANGURO rubber products, besides their strength and flexibility, is that they are very easy to clean. Leftover cement, for example, hardly sticks to the rubber and the baskets can be cleaned better when the cement has set.

All RUBI-KANGURO brand rubber products stand out for their excellent performance in low temperatures, remaining unchanged up to - 60 ° C and for being made of 100% recyclable materials.


  • Flexible. Perfect for carrying with one hand.
  • Polyamide reinforced with nylon fabric to increase tensile strength. At 30° C the tensile strength is 90 MPa, and has a 45% elongation.
  • Very thick handles. Greater resistance.
  • Handles with a rounded shape. Greater comfort.
  • UV Ray Resistant UV Ray Resistant
  • Reinforced Handle Reinforced Handle
  • Hardness and Robustness Hardness and Robustness
  • Recycled Tyre Rubber Recycled Tyre Rubber
  • Flexible Flexible
  • Antishock Antishock
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures Resistant to extreme temperatures

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Espuerta rubber basket Nº2 (11 l)
  • Ref. - 88941
  • EAN-13 - 8424775889417
  • Capacity - 11l.
  • Height of bucket - 14 cm
  • Top diameter - 350 mm
  • Net weight without packaging - 1,61 kg
  • Units per box - 10
  • Units per pallet - 300
  • card_giftcardPoints: 1