The RUBI-KANGURO rubber drawer no.2 is designed for manual preparation or application of adhesive in the ceramic tile fitting process or any other work with cement, mortar or plaster.

The very thick handles of the RUBI-KANGURO rubber drawer no.2 and their rounded shape provide a greater overall product strength and an improven comfort in handling.

The design of the RUBI-KANGURO rubber drawer no.2 places the handles parallel to the ground, meaning that professionals can tow them easily during the ceramic tile fitting process.

The maximum capacity of the RUBI-KANGURO rubber drawer no.2 is 14 litres.

The inner shape of the RUBI-KANGURO rubber drawers is specially designed to facilitate their use with trowels, notched trowels and brick trowels.

This allows construction professionals, and particularly ceramic tile fitters, to work the material in a much easier and more comfortable way and to get the best possible performance out of the material.

When used for mixing concrete or ceramic tile adhesives, professionals particularly appreciate their easy cleaning, even when the cement-like material is completely dry.

The rectangular base of RUBI-KANGURO rubber drawers, their low centre of gravity and high structural rigidity give them great stability, avoiding any spillages of material. Their excellent impact resistance, owing to their capacity to bend, means that we can offer construction professionals a highly durable product.

The high quality of the materials used to manufacture RUBI-KANGURO rubber products means that they are highly resistant to the adverse conditions to which they are subjected to on site, and also their constant exposure to UV rays.

All RUBI-KANGURO rubber products stand out for their excellent performance in low temperatures, remaining unchanged up to - 60 ° C and for being made of 100% recyclable materials.


  • Very thick handles. Greater resistance.
  • Handles with a rounded shape. Greater comfort.
  • Recycled Tyre Rubber Recycled Tyre Rubber
  • Comfort Comfort
  • Antishock Antishock
  • Hardness and Robustness Hardness and Robustness
  • UV Ray Resistant UV Ray Resistant
  • Easy Cleaning Easy Cleaning
  • Recycled material Recycled material
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures Resistant to extreme temperatures

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Gaveta rubber tray No.2 (14 l)
  • Ref. - 88929
  • EAN-13 - 8424775206030
  • Capacity - 14l.
  • Height of bucket - 15 cm
  • Top diameter - 430x390 mm
  • Net weight without packaging - 3,5 kg
  • Units per box - 10
  • Units per pallet - 120
  • card_giftcardPoints: 2