Manual cutting system for

Manual cutting system for "SLIM SYSTEM" large format porcelain tiles

Manual cutting

closeSLIM SYSTEM CUTTER manual cutter

Máquina para corte manual de láminas porcelánicas de gran formato. Equipada con 3 guías conectables para una capacidad de corte de hasta 320 cm y 2 tenazas separadoras ideales para espesores de hasta 6 mm.

closeSLIM breaker

The ceramic sheet is also constantly evolving, new models and formats are appearing on the market every day, and with them, new thicknesses.At RUBI we want professionals from all over the world to have the best and most advanced solutions for the cutting and installation of ceramic sheets.

closeSLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS transport system

The SLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS transport system is specially designed for handling large format, thin porcelain tiles up to 320 cm long.The SLIM SYSTEM EASYTRANS can be used as a supplement to the SLIM CUTTER manual cutter (Ref. 18911).It consists of a set of two extruded aluminium guides, which are retractable and adjustable from 160 to 320The 10 ...

closeTransportador SLAB TRANS HD

El transportador SLAB TRANS HD, facilita la manipulación de láminas cerámicas y/o baldosas de gran formato, sin importar su acabado superficial: liso, rugoso o estructurado.


Discover the manual cutting system for large format porcelain tiles SLIM SYSTEM. Extra-large formats are becoming more and more common and that is why RUBI offers tile fixers a selection of tools, especially designed to cover and deal with the characteristics of such special materials.

SLIM SYSTEM is formed, firstly, by the SLIM CUTTER, the best solution on the market for cutting large format porcelain tiles. And it is completed by the SLIM EASYTRANS and the SLIM BREAKER, our solution for handling and installation of these materials. A set of tools for a system that offers us the best guarantee when it comes to working with such large format pieces.

In this tools, as in most of the RUBI catalogue, we have had the collaboration of industry professionals and end-users in the design and creation process; this joint work allows us to release products with guarantees that meet the needs of our most demanding customers. The RUBI brand is known for the great durability and quality of its tools. For more than 65 years, RUBI has only manufactured products of high durability and strength, to give the best performance in the toughest working conditions and adapting to the demands of each market.

The SLIM CUTTER cutting system is specially designed for the manual cutting of large format porcelain tiles and thicknesses ranging from 3 to 8 mm. For thicknesses equal to or greater than 8 mm it is necessary to use the SLIM BREAKER.

The advantages of this system are: the extreme ease of transport thanks to its compact design and nylon bag, its versatility in adapting to different formats, its ease of use and the ability to make the cut without moving the tiles. It is a system designed to make the first cut before moving the large format porcelain tiles, which are very fragile due to their great size and reduced thickness.

The SLIM EASYTRANS allows us to transport and handle parts easily and safely, both for gluing and for fixing on the floor and wall, avoiding the risk of falls and breaks.

On the RUBI website, you can find a file of photos and videos properly classified for each tool, which will help you learn more about the product. The videos show the most important uses and applications of each tool. Simply search the catalogue and choose the product, there you will find all the information and audiovisual support you need.