Monday, 25 March 2019

Precision, design, functionality and power

RUBI is launching its new TX MAX tile cutter, a high-performance machine designed for the intensive cutting of the hardest ceramic materials on the market.

Notable on this cutter are its reinforced components, especially the 30 mm diameter tubular steel guides and its "Master Power" breaker which can be operated with one hand and has a maximum power of 1200 kg. Its high power is combined with high precision and great efficiency of the whole assembly, essential for ensuring the cutting of the most demanding materials.

A characteristic feature of this new RUBI TX MAX is its breaker-scorer assembly, which incorporates a ratchet lock with quick trigger release. This system allows scoring and breaking with great ease and with one hand, something that is greatly appreciated by tiling professionals.

The base of this cutter is cast aluminium to ensure robustness and lightness at the same time, and incorporates a rotating square with central pivot for angular cuts. Furthermore, all the RUBI TX MAX cutters include two 8 and 22 mm scoring wheels and a case for its protection and handling.

The range of TX MAX cutters, designed with the direct participation of users from different countries, is made up of 3 models with cutting capacities of 710, 1020 and 1250 mm, so that each professional can find the version that best suits them.

For more information, visit the TX MAX Manual cutter page.