Thursday, 14 September 2017

CERSAIE is the biggest trade fair of the ceramics sector, and Rubi showcases to all the visitors the innovations and new products for 2018.


 Following our philosophy to adapt our products to the needs of the professional tile installer. RUBI will add a new model in the range of electric light cutters DU.


The new DU-200 EVO 850, will offer a cutting length of 85 cm (20 cm more than the current model). Allowing so to cut tiles of 80x80 cm, that are getting a stronger presence, and offering to the tiling professional the chance to make diagonal cuts in the popular format of 60 x 60 cm.


Keeping the same line that has made that the DU-200 EVO has become the electric cutter more light and transportable of the market, the new 850 version will include, too, a reinforced chassis.


In the manual tile cutters, RUBI presents its new TQ range. The TQ extends the RUBI mono guide cutters offer, very popular on the West and Centre Europe.


Equipped with the MAGNET system, the TQ new head combines the lightness of aluminium with the strength and reliability of the steel bearings, ensuring the maximum smoothness in its movement. Furthermore, it presents a revolutionary self-adjusting system that minimises its maintenance.


And if we add the functionality of its revolving square, this gives an ideal cutter for any type of tile installing job.


The TQ cutter range will cover the current most common size cuts with its 3 available models: 66, 75 and 93cm.


The RUBI diamond blades range will grow next year with the incorporation of new models, more specialised, that will prove our expertise as diamond specialists.


The new TPI is a blade specially designed for the miter cuts of porcelain stoneware, always respecting the original edge of the tile.


With the new TPI, the professional tile installer will have a reliable solution that will give him the option to cut “in situ” these small amounts of miter curs, and avoid the external manipulations as well as it increases the adding value of all its works.


The VDF and VDG, open a new line within the RUBI diamond blades range. Manufactured with the VACUUM BRAZEED technology, the VDF and VDG blades are designed for the roughing of small surfaces or edges, not only in natural stone, but also in ceramic tiles.


The professional will be able to choose between two different finishes: thin (VDF) or thick (CDG), according its own needs. Moreover, the new VDF and VDG roughing blades, will complete the current range of RUBI flexible pads for the polishing, providing to the tiler higher quality in his finished project.

Finally, RUBI presents the ECD blade. A diamond electroplated blade very special. The ECD blade has been created as a blade 2 in 1, that allows, in an only tool, to make dry cuts of natural stone or ceramic tile and, subsequently, make the edges roughing to mould or delete the imperfections that a dry cut can produce.


The ECD blade, also, offers a diamond double side, that enables light roughings on the internal sides or twist the blade to increase its durability.


Besides this preview of new products, the professional that visits us in CERSAIE, has the opportunity to see and try the most advanced cutters of the market, such as, the TZ manual cutter and the MAGNET manual cutter models.