RUBI Group is committed to sustainability through the United Nations SDGs

Wednesday, 2 June 2021

RUBI's commitment to sustainability is based on 8 out of the 17 SDGs.

RUBI Group corporate purpose is Better professionals. Better places, which is the umbrella of the CSR strategy.

RUBI Group is committed to the generation of a positive impact on the environment and society based on its corporate purpose: Better professionals. Better places. The RUBI Team works in favour of the new strategy of Corporate Social Responsibility, through sustainability in its three areas: social, economic and environmental.

RUBI's commitment to sustainability is based on 8 out of the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) of the United Nations. Our Purpose Makers Team, presents them in this video:


Based on these 8 SDGs, the RUBI Group has designed an action plan, both internal and external, where all the actions are aligned with the SDGs presented. All of this is to achieve the aim of generating a positive impact on our future, hand in hand with the United Nations.

“Environmental and sustainability policies should be the obligation of the RUBI Team. Only in a fairer, more equal and more sustainable world, will be able to continue growing and working together with society and our environment." Josep Munné, General Director of the RUBI Group.