Friday, 27 March 2020

RUBI, Building Together more than ever!

Our R&D Team is producing 3D printed protective screens, the Group has also donated 7,700 masks to three hospitals.

From RUBI we give the highest priority to the health of our more than 500 colleagues and families, as well as the well-being of our environment. For this reason, the entire RUBI-Germans Boada Group is taking the necessary measures to combat the spread of Covid-19 from the different working centres of our 11 subsidiaries around the world.

In a first phase, we have donated more than 1,800 masks to the Valls and El Vendrell hospitals, close to the Santa Oliva production and logistics center (Tarragona), which employs more than 150 people. As well as 5,900 masks that are being delivered to the Terrassa Hospital Consortium.


In a second phase, and following the proposals for collaboration in the production of medical and protective material, through our R & D & I Team and with the latest technology in 3D printing, we wanted to join the Coronavirus Makers initiative.



Currently structures for face screens for healthcare professionals are being produced with our 3D printer. From the headquarters of the Group, whose facilities are located in the city of Rubí, last week we delivered the first 5 screens structures.


Josep Munné, General Director of the RUBI-Germans Boada Group, assesses the current situation, highlighting that “It is a pride to see how our R & D & I colleagues are currently at the forefront of technology, contributing with all their knowledge with 3D printing. As well as, the rest of the colleagues who are carrying out exemplary work these days, which shows that we are a great company”.

From RUBI we will continue during the upcoming weeks, collaborating with those initiatives for the production of medical devices in which we can technologically add value.