RUBI launches the TC-125 KIT for cutting large format tiles

Monday, 3 June 2019

Designed for cutting porcelain slabs, tiles, natural stone and sintered stone

RUBI is launching the innovative TC-125 Kit into the market, which is specially designed for cutting porcelain slabs, natural stone and sintered stone.

The TC-125 Kit ensures a high precision cut, due to the stability provided by the combination of the SLIM guides, clamps and suction caps that are included. It is also characterised by its very smooth cutting which is achieved with the movement generated between the guides and the machine, which is equipped with a bearing’s that gives a perfect fit between components.

Moreover, the dual dust reduction and control system should be highlighted, which allows it to be used for both dry and wet cutting, as well as the additional bi-material grip which improves ergonomics in use, especially when mitre cutting.

Lastly, the TC-125 Kit facilitates Depth adjustable cutting and mitre cutting between 0° and 45°, both with a quick adjustment system. Furthermore, as standard, it has a switch with safety lock which prevents unintentional start-up.

Thanks to the continuous research and innovation work carried out by the brand, RUBI launches another tool at the cutting-edge of construction which provides a solution to the latest trend in laying large format tiles. The TC-125 Kit is already available at the usual sales points to simplify the work of tilers who are faced with the challenge of working with large tiles.

The kit comes with a 125 mm blade, a transport case for the cutter and a cloth bag for the guides.

For all those users that already have a SLIM CUTTER, RUBI is launching a product for the TC-125 cutter onto the market as a separate accessory.

Watch the video of the TC-125 KIT here!