The new RUBI DU-200 EVO 850 Electric Cutter

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

The most practical and functional cutter on the market has grown to increase its cutting capacity

RUBI launches the new RUBI DU-200 EVO 850 Electric Cutter that mantains the same compact style and portability while boast an innovative and creative design to respond to user's needs.

Following the success of the first model with 650 mm cutting capacity, the new DU-200 850 EVO maintains the same compact style and portability while boasting an innovative and creative design to respond to users’ needs.  It is very easy to use, making it ideal for all types of users, and it is convenient and easy to transport.

The reliability and convenience of the machine are due to its compact inverted chassis, optimized stability, perfectly sized table, improved cutting capacity, and a practical removable water tank.

The novel design of the drainage system and the water tank ensure lower water consumption, optimal blade cooling, and very easy cleaning; aspects that are highly valued when renovating spaces of a limited size. Other features are the wheels integrated into the chassis and a handle on the opposite side, making the DU-200 EVO 850 the most manageable and functional product of its size on the market.

With a 1.1 HP motor at 2915 rpm and weighing just 27.5 Kg, the RUBI DU-200 EVO 850  is able to cut 85 cm in length and 35 mm in thickness. Furthermore, both versions include the new C3 cooling system, which lets users select several blade cooling modes depending on the material being cut.  This system improves blade cleaning and cooling for better cutting and a longer working life.

In Ireland, the power supply of the electric tile cutter is 230V-50Hz.UK  and 110V-50Hz.UK.

Finally, the DU-200-EVO design and manufacture process takes advantage of new technologies both in software and production techniques. All its components have been designed using finite element simulation software, which enables each part to be optimized down to the last detail for maximum strength and durability.