The RUBI VDF/ VDG PRO diamond blades for grinding and cutting

Thursday, 12 April 2018

The VDF PRO and VDG PRO have a diamond embedded plate by vaccum welding (Vacuum Brazed)

The new RUBI VDF/ VDG PRO diamond blades have been created for grinding edges and surfaces of natural stone, paint or resin coatings and all kind of tiles.

The VDG and VDF diamond blades for roughing are manufactured using the technique of vacuum welding (VACUUM BRAZING) that allows us to have diamond tools with high resistance to the temperature generated. They are for dry cutting and ideal for working on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.

In this sense, these diamond blades are available in two different granulometries: coarse (VFG) and fine (VDF).

The VDG coarse finish blades facilitate the shaving of surfaces and the molding of edges to give them the desired shape. They are perfect for the execution of baseboards or mitres in ceramic tiles. In particular, those of greater hardness.

Once the work with the VDG blades is finished, we will pass the baton to the VDF fine finishing blades. The granulometry of these blades leaves a finish fine enough to start, if desired, a polishing process.

If you would like to try the VDF and VDG diamond blades, you can come to our trade days across the UK and Ireland. Check the next dates here.