We are fine thanks to you!

Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Thanks to you for helping us to keep moving forward!

Thanks to you for trusting in RUBI, for participating in the social media channels, for showing your commitment to us, for keeping updated through our social media channels… Thanks to you, we are fine! 

In the last weeks we have experienced situations on a personal level that we would never have imagined. At a business level and, more specifically, at the RUBI Group, we have had to, literally, stop machines and try to continue doing the rest of the work from home. 

The entire RUBI Team did all we could to continue being close to the tiler, the construction professional and our stockists, giving the best possible service, answering questions and sending out orders as allowed.  

Although it is true that there are different realities in each market and subsidiaries that RUBI has around the world, in all of them we have acted in a similar way, but the most important thing is that from each one of them we want to send the same message: THANK YOU

As a business group of more than 500 people, from RUBI we can say that we have been very lucky to have an audience that has followed us and has given us support: tilers, bricklayers, stockists, suppliers, sales representatives... and our own RUBI team. Thanks to you for helping us to keep moving forward!