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The trowels and notched trowels with open plastic handles have a special high wear resistant steel plate and corrosion protection with colourless varnish. (STEEL).

One of the features of all RUBI trowels and notched trowels is the perfect flatness of the plate.

The plastic handles of RUBI trowels and notched trowels are economical, but also resistant and offer professional ceramic tile fixers a highly reliable option.

Trowel and notched trowel models with open handles facilitate control when applying material. One of the features which professional ceramic tile fixers like so much about this type of handle is that, thanks to its opening, the tool can be hung from the edge of the bucket, basket or any other container holding the material to be applied. This allows you to have the trowel or notched trowel handy and clean at all times.

The blade and handle are joined by stainless steel screws, for improved durability of the tool.

Another aspect which makes the RUBI range of trowels and notched trowels stand out from the rest is the wide range of models and sizes of notches.

In the application of adhesives for fitting ceramic tiles, the open and setting times of each manufacturer must always be taken into account.

As part of the strategy, RUBI is continuously researching according to the evolution of materials and based on the requirements received by leading ceramic tile manufacturers worldwide, 30,000 RUBI dealers and more than 40,000 end users registered in Club RUBI. Owing to all of these factors, RUBI offers professional ceramic tile fixers the most comprehensive and suitable range of tools on the market. Everything that you need for all phases of the ceramic tile fitting process.

Open plastic handle

References and models for Open plastic handle

28 cm STEEL Notched trowel (10x10)
  • Ref. - 65993
  • EAN-13 - 8413797659931
  • Notched height trowel - 10 mm
  • Wide notched trowel - 10 mm
  • Units per box - 6
  • Units per pallet - 480
28 cm STEEL Notched trowel (6x6)
  • Ref. - 65991
  • EAN-13 - 8413797659917
  • Notched height trowel - 6 mm
  • Wide notched trowel - 6 mm
  • Units per box - 6
  • Units per pallet - 480
28 cm STEEL Notched trowel (8x8)
  • Ref. - 65992
  • EAN-13 - 8413797659924
  • Notched height trowel - 8 mm
  • Wide notched trowel - 8 mm
  • Units per box - 6
  • Units per pallet - 480
30 cm STEEL Trowel
  • Ref. - 65955
  • EAN-13 - 8413797659559
  • Units per box - 6
  • Units per pallet - 480

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