Other cleaning and finishing products

Other cleaning and finishing products

Cleaning, protection and maintenance

closeRO-81 Crystalliser

RUBI RO-81 Crystalliser achieves a natural shine and increases scratch resistance on polished marble, granite and terrazzo surfaces.In addition to giving a natural shine to these materials, the RO-81 Crystalliser is long lasting, partly owing to its high resistance to traffic.RO-81 is a product designed to crystallize natural and polished ...


There are situations, both in daily work and in finishing many ceramic tile fitting, masonry and natural stone jobs that require the application or the action of more specialized products.

The RUBI range of products for cleaning, protection and maintenance includes a selection of other cleaning and finishing products, specially formulated to provide solutions in the above situations.

This range consists of a selection of very specific cleaning and finishing products, such as: to produce shine and increase resistance to scratching and wear on natural stone surfaces recently polished with our RO-81 Crystalliser, or treatments to prevent mould and fungus growth in courtyards and terraces, with the RO-82 Patio/Garden Cleaner or the RO-84 Bath and Shower Silicone Cleaner for specific areas and more regular use.

Let’s not forget the RO-80 Grout Whitener, the best solution to restore and extend the life of white bathroom and kitchen tile-to-tile joints, or the RO-83 Wet Look, a spectacular finishing product that is able to enhance the natural tone of practically any surface adding light water-repellent protection.

As mentioned above, this range of other cleaning and finishing products tops off the RUBI range of cleaning, protection and maintenance products for professionals and individual users.

The RUBI cleaning, protection and maintenance range ensures a high level of service and provides users with a comprehensive solution, with products for all possible treatment stages; cleaners, protectors, products for waxing and other cleaning and finishing products. The range also contains the tools needed to apply these correctly, such as floats, sponges, cleaning buckets, and cleaners and polishers.