Parrot nippers


RUBI parrot nippers have edges with extremely hard tungsten carbide tips. They are ideal, owing to their curved mouth, for rectifying holes, corners and other difficult cuts in pieces of tiles or glazed stoneware.

The handles of the RUBI parrot nippers feature a highly ergonomic bi-material coating which provides an improved comfort and reduces the user's effort when pressure is applied.

In designing all RUBI products, the whole RUBI RDI team, consisting of engineers and professionals from around the world, has been vital. The fact that we receive information from many parts of the world gives us the opportunity to have a global view of the business and the needs of construction industry professionals to design tools adapted to each market.

The RUBI parrot nippers are a clear example of the above, as they are specially designed so that the tungsten carbide edges never come into contact with one another. Owing to this, the life and duration of the parrot nippers is much longer.

At RUBI we know how people work in every country in the world, we know the demands of ceramic tile fixers and we have knowledge of all materials used for installations and repairs. For these reasons RUBI is a recognized brand and clearly focused on a professional and demanding industry. That's why RUBI offers you all the knowledge and experience to manufacture high precision tools. The high demands of our customers and the market has led us to put our expertise into designing tools and products for cutting and fixing ceramic tiles as accurately as possible.


  • Tungsten Carbide edge of great hardness.
  • With Tungsten Carbide edge for greater durability.
  • For grinding holes in tile and stoneware.

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Parrot nipper
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Product reviews

Artur Kowalski
Artur Kowalski Thursday, 11 April 2019
65925 - Parrot nipper

Za poręczność szczypiec dałbym 5 bo są one bardzo wygodne w obsłudze lecz co do trwałości widi to jestem trochę zawiedziony bo po pierwszej łazience już są ślady zużycia

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Cees Van Bragt
Cees Van Bragt Wednesday, 10 June 2020
65925 - Parrot nipper

Deze tang knabbelt met gemak porcelenato gres. Breekt gecontroleerd en netjes stukjes af. Daarnaast geven de handgrepen veel grip. Het is een blijft een onmisbaar hulpmiddel voor de tegelzetter.

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