Plastic tub No.3 "FLEXTUB" (40l) HEAVY DUTY


The RUBI KANGURO HEAVY DUTY “FLEXTUB” No. 3 plastic tub is manufactured in a high density polyethylene which gives the whole RUBI-KANGURO "FLEXTUB" plastic tub range excellent robustness, which is why they are suitable for all kinds of jobs, either in the construction industry or other sectors.

The "FLEXTUB" HEAVY DUTY plastic tub No.3 is specially designed to withstand the harsh working conditions to which it will be subjected within the construction industry.

The shape of their very thick walls, and the design of their reinforced and ergonomic handles mean that users can transport and handle RUBI-KANGURO "FLEXTUB" HEAVY DUTY no.3 plastic tubs with just one hand, without risk of breakage or material fatigue.

Owing to their 40 litre capacity, the "FLEXTUB" HEAVY DUTY No.3 plastic tubs are perfect for rubble collection and handling, and for mixing adhesives, mortars and other pastes using portable electrical mixers. Moreover, in the latter situation, the embossed measuring scale (included inside) is very helpful for measuring the volume of water required to make a perfect mix.

RUBI-KANGURO "FLEXTUB" HEAVY DUTY No.3 plastic tubs combine optimal resistance with good flexibility, while they are very light (weighing only 1.18 kg).

The RUBI KANGURO "FLEXTUB" HEAVY DUTY No.3 plastic tub is available in black.

RUBI guarantees "FLEXTUB" plastic tubs are free from SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) compounds.

Because they are stackable, users save space in storage and they are easy to transport.

All RUBI-KANGURO "FLEXTUB" plastic tubs are an outstanding option due to their competitive price and light weight.


  • Greater comfort during transport. For easy waste collection.
  • Reinforced handles. Greater resistance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Comfort Comfort
  • Reinforced Handle Reinforced Handle
  • Reinforced Reinforced
  • Flexible Flexible
  • Easy Easy
  • Light Light
  • Protected design Protected design

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"FLEXTUB" black plastic tub No.3 (40l) HEAVY DUTY
  • Ref. - 88778
  • EAN-13 - 8413797887785
  • Capacity - 40 l.
  • Height of bucket - 33 cm
  • Top diameter - 440 mm
  • Net weight without packaging - 1,1 kg
  • Units per box - 10
  • Units per pallet - 300
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