Plumb bobs

Plumb bobs

Tools and equipment for tile fixing


Today, plumb bobs remain one of the most important and widely used tools in the construction industry.

That is why RUBI has a selection of models which, without renouncing the traditional use, guarantee proper operation and ensure product quality.

RUBI plumb bobs are made of bichromate steel, to ensure good corrosion resistance, given the working conditions in which the product will be subjected.

The geometry of the weight of RUBI plumb bobs means one of the most traditional models, the cylindrical one with a pointed end, is still an accurate indicator of the centre of gravity. Weighing 600 gr., RUBI plumb bobs are highly reliable and very resistant.

The dollies of the RUBI plumb bobs are made of wood and include a version equipped with a neodymium magnet for fastening to metal structures, and a high quality 5 metre long cotton line to withstand on-site working conditions.

Plumb bobs use the law of gravity to indicate that the position of a construction element is truly vertical. The principle on which the operation of plumb bobs is based is very simple: the line suspended with the weight in its lower part should be vertical and perpendicular to any other level plane through which it passes.

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