Cleaning, protection and maintenance

closeRP-50 Stain protector (porous surfaces)

RP-50 Stain Protector (Porous Surfaces) prevents stains from soft drinks, wine, oil, coffee, etc., penetrating into the pores of the material, minimizing damage and facilitating subsequent cleaning.Besides protecting against stains, RP-50 Stain Protector (Porous Surfaces) does not change the original appearance of the treated surfaces.

closeRP-51 Stain protector

The RP-51 Stain Protector penetrates into the pores without forming a film and facilitates the cleaning and maintenance of the treated surfaces.It is ideal for protecting polished natural stone and porcelain tiles. Does not change the original appearance of the material.RP-51 Stain Protector is a high quality, water and oil repellent product ...


The RUBI range of cleaning products for ceramic tiles and other materials offers professionals the best solutions for the protection and waterproofing of both frontages and terraces and of interior ceramic and natural stone floors.

RUBI protectors ensure a high level of water and oil repellent protection both for highly porous surfaces and for less porous and delicate surfaces. Moreover, the effectiveness of the RP-52 Bloom Protector is worth noting, which helps to effectively combat the appearance of these salt stains.

RP-50 and RP-51 Protectors are ideal for protecting and waterproofing any type of surface, inside or outside, both from the rain and from the effects of oil and grease stains.

The RUBI cleaning, protection and maintenance range offers users a comprehensive solution, with products for all possible treatment stages; cleaners, protectors, products for waxing and other cleaning and finishing products.

The range also contains the tools needed to apply these correctly, such as floats, sponges, cleaning buckets, and cleaners and polishers.

The RUBI cleaning, protection and maintenance range for ceramic tiles meets the needs of the tile fitting industry. This range ensures a high level of service to both distributors and end users owing to a strategy that combines several factors that differentiate RUBI: the quality of the products and the group’s service capabilities.

In order to provide the best possible assistance to users of the RUBI range of products for cleaning, protection and maintenance, we have a telephone helpline and other means of communication, such as email, available for customers.

At RUBI, we not only care about designing, manufacturing and distributing the best tools for cutting and fixing ceramic tiles. We also think about the complementary products and accessories that every professional ceramic tile fixer may need.