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The RESCUE RSQ blade range is perfect for dry cutting, with a grinder, of all kinds of materials, including those that do not belong to the ceramic or stone families, such as, pieces of sheet steel, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, wood, among many others.

In the design and manufacture of RESCUE RSQ diamond blades, RUBI has used VACUUM BRAZED technology, able to give this blade a greater resistance to the high temperatures that dry cutting blades often suffer when cutting such varied materials.

Another great advantage of the RESCUE RSQ blade by RUBI is the significant reduction in sparks generated and increased safety and durability when compared to traditional grinding wheels that are generally used for cutting metal parts.

With RESCUE RSQ blades with VACUUM BRAZED technology, RUBI offers the building professional a multifunctional blade for cutting all types of materials, with the best guarantee of speed and performance, as well as a greater safety and versatility.

In designing all RUBI products the RUBI RDI team, consisting of engineers and professionals from around the world, has been vital. The fact that we receive information from many parts of the world gives us the opportunity to have a global view of the business and the needs of professionals to design tools adapted to each market.

Within its range of diamond blades, RUBI offers professionals two blade classes: PRO and SUPERPRO.

The PRO blades offer the professional user the best price-performance ratio.

SUPERPRO blades are the best choice for the most demanding jobs.

Blades with thicknesses of less than 2 mm are not suitable for mitre cuts.

Thanks to the work and cooperation of all the departments at the company and the great loyalty of our customers, located all around the world, we are aware of demands and specific needs of each market. For these reasons, we design and manufacture products and tools that are tailored to each type of market and that meet the needs of the professional.


  • Recommended disc for cutting all types of materials including metal, plastic, wood, and more.
  • Vacuum Brazed Technology.
  • Increased resistance to high temperatures during cutting, reduction of spark generated.
  • High speed and performance.
  • Only for straight cuts, not suitable for mitring.
  • Russian legislation EAC
  • Dry cutting Dry cutting

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Products not available in our current catalog

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VACUUM BRAZED RSQ-125 SUPERPRO Rescue diamond blade
  • Ref. - 30901
  • EAN-13 - 8413797309010
  • Revolutions per minute - 12250 max.
  • Outside diameter - 125 mm
  • Inside diameter - 22,2 mm
  • Disc segment high - 4 mm
  • Segment Thickness - 2,8 mm
  • Units per box - 5
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Iraido Manuel Pérez Hernandez
Iraido Manuel Pérez Hernandez Saturday, 3 December 2022
30900 - VACUUM BRAZED RSQ-115 SUPERPRO Rescue diamond blade
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Cortes estupendo, y muy útil para su trabajo. Precisión, rapidez .. .

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