The RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO 2 set is designed to equip professionals with the basic elements for the application and maintenance after laying grouting material.

The RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO 2 kit includes:


- 1 TERMOFLEX SUPERPRO rubber trowel.

- 1 Float with SUPERPRO sponge.

The RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO washboy is made of injected polypropylene (PP) to provide the user a light and heavy-duty washboy.

It is equipped with 2 grooved high resistance squeeze rollers to facilitate draining, and thus to achieve a greater discharge of water, leaving sponges with the optimum moisture level.

The polypropylene (PP) draining grid features a series of reinforcement points to give it a greater bending resistance, located in the upper part of the washboy, as well as a decantation band which means that the water in the washboy is better used.

The polypropylene (PP) handle is located in a longitudinal position for a more comfortable and safer transportation.

To facilitate cleaning of the RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO washboy, the draining grid can be dismantled.

It is equipped with 2 large wheels, made of polypropylene (PP), to make handling easier when the washboy is filled with water.

The maximum capacity of the RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO washboy is 24 litres, but its useful capacity (up to draining grid) is 19 litres.

Finally, the TERMOFLEX SUPERPRO rubber grout float, of medium hardness and adaptable to any joint width.

The TERMOFLEX SUPERPRO rubber grout float is especially noted for its lightness. This feature is very beneficial for professionals who must grout large surfaces.

The SUPERPRO sponge float with wooden handle is made of flexible polyester-based polyurethane, has a medium level of absorption and is ideal for general cleaning of all surfaces and tile joint finishes, and is compatible with the use of acid-based cleaning products.

The sponge of the float has dimensions of 28 x 19.5 cm is 2.5 cm thick meaning that a large surface can be covered with every soak and drain.


  • Consisting of:
  • RUBICLEAN SUPERPRO washboy (Ref. 21998)
  • Sponge float SUPERPRO (Ref. 20924)
  • Rubber grout float TERMOFLEX SUPERPRO (Ref. 65976)

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