RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX electric mixer


The most outstanding feature of the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX is, without a doubt, the power of its motor. Thanks to its 2100W of power, the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX allows us to mix large quantities of materials as varied as: cementitious adhesives, paints or resins. Materials so different from each other both in viscosity and density.

With the 140mm diameter, 3-helix mixing paddle that the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX incorporates as standard, it is possible to make mixes of up to 40 kg of ceramic adhesive or any other cementitious-based material. But, thanks to its 2100W, the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX can be fitted with mixing paddles up to 160mm, which will allow us to mix up to 60kg of material.

In addition, the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX includes RUBI's exclusive FAST-IN system, thanks to which, changing the mixing paddle does not require any type of tool, thus reducing downtime during rod removal and replacement. The FAST-IN adapter is easily removable and will allow us to use any M14 threaded mixing paddle.

The RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX incorporates a 2-speed mechanical gearbox that allows us to select the maximum mixing RPM. Thus being able to choose a maximum mixing at low revolutions (490 rpm) or a maximum mixing at high revolutions (880 rpm), depending on the need of the material we are working with.

Within each of these mechanical speeds, the user can regulate the speed at any time by means of an electronic regulator.

RUBI, don't just think about power or efficiency in the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX. It is also very aware of the operator's safety and for this reason, the RUBIMIX-9 POWER MAX incorporates a switch locking system that prevents inadvertent starting of the equipment, as well as our SOFT-START system that allows progressive start-up and reduces the risk of injury from a sharp acceleration.

If to this safety, we add the double handle, with bi-material handles, we obtain great ergonomics, greater comfort and incredible work stability.

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