Videos “RUBITECH” chute with top hopper


  • First segment of chute, with top hopper.
  • ​C​an also be used ​for​ rubble unload​ing​.


  • For safety, we recommend using additional mounting brackets (refs. 88515 or 88517) every 15 metres.


The RUBI-KANGURO "RUBITECH” chute with top hopper should always be used as the first segment of the "RUBITECH” rubble chutes.
The hopper of this "RUBITECH" rubble chute section is specially designed for easy loading of construction rubble by wheelbarrow, bucket or basket, or shovel.

The RUBI-KANGURO “RUBITECH” rubble chute with top hopper can be used as an intermediate or side hopper. It is ideal for facilitating a debris removal hopper at any point in the plastic chute column, and allowing construction professionals to access the plastic chute column from a balcony, a window or between intermediate floors.

The ease of use of RUBI-KANGURO "RUBITECH" rubble chutes means that they are recommended for any construction work over several floors.

The exclusive composition of the RUBI-KANGURO “RUBITECH” rubble chutes combines the resistance and flexibility of the “RUBCHUTE” rubber chutes with the light weight of the plastic “LIGHTCHUTE” chutes.
They are a very versatile, profitable and safe option for transferring construction waste from upper stories to street level containers, and are perfectly suitable for use in urban environments.

Manufactured using a mixture of polymers, specially designed to optimise impact resistance properties, and with 6 mm thick walls, the RUBI-KANGURO “RUBITECH” rubble chutes offer excellent impact resistance due to deformation and greater durability.
Owing to the ribbing inside RUBI-KANGURO rubble chutes, friction with the rubble is minimised and wear of the chute cone is reduced, thus extending the product’s lifespan.

The chains of all the "RUBITECH" rubble chute models are extra-reinforced, with links of 6 mm in diameter, and they comply with the DIN 763 standard.
Because they are stackable, users save space in storage and they are easy to transport.

“RUBITECH” chute with top hopper

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“RUBITECH” chute with top hopper
  • Ref. - 88799
  • EAN-13 - 8413797887990
  • Height of bucket - 150 cm
  • Bottom diameter - 380 mm
  • Top diameter - 510 mm
  • thickness - 6 mm
  • Useable height - 140 cm
  • Net weight without packaging - 13,81 kg
  • Units per box - 1