RUBTRAY rubber trays

RUBTRAY rubber trays

Rubber and plastic products


RUBI-KANGURO "RUBTRAY" rubber tray range is available in various capacities, ranging from 2 to 40 litres. They are a very versatile product for both ceramic tile fitters and for general construction industry professionals.

RUBI-KANGURO "RUBTRAY" rubber trays, owing to their rigidity and strength, can be used for various activities, depending on the specialty of the professional and their needs.

When used for mixing concrete or ceramic tile adhesives, professionals particularly appreciate their easy cleaning, even when the cement-like material is completely dry.

The "RUBTRAY" rubber trays are characterised by excellent stability, since, once they are loaded, they have a low centre of gravity. Their excellent impact resistance, owing to their capacity to bend, means that we can offer construction professionals a highly durable product.

Because they are stackable, they are easy to transport and users save space in storage .

All RUBI-KANGURO brand rubber products stand out for their excellent performance in low temperatures, remaining unchanged up to - 60 ° C and for being made of 100% recyclable materials.

RUBI has more than 65 years’ experience of manufacturing tools for the construction industry. During this long period of time, our products have earned the trust of millions of users around the world. Today, RUBI continues to design and manufacture new products to keep this trust at the highest level possible. Our brand, as well as our products, is synonymous with quality and satisfaction guarantee. Construction professionals trust us, and we therefore focus our efforts and our passion in all our products.

On the internet you can check the great impact of the RUBI name among professionals. There are thousands of searches, articles, media and methods by which RUBI is able to be close to professionals and give continued support and help at any time, and in an efficient way.