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  • For cleaning and finishing grouting.


  • Electric cleaner with high-performance pick-up sponge.
  • For cleaning and finishing grouting.
  • Drained and sponge cleaning with adjustable pressure.
  • Adjustable water flow through separate pump.
  • It incorporates a new system of self-regulated pressure mangle, with 2 working positions.
  • Maximum cleaning width from 17" (43 cm.).
  • Easy operation and foldable handle for an easy transport.
  • Sponge (Ref. 62950) included.
  • Electric cord; 33 ft. (10 m.)
  • 2 year warranty

Cleans and defines in one try.


The SPOMATIC-250 grout cleaner is a high performance machine, specially designed to clean grout left over after application on large floors.

With the SPOMATIC-250 electric grout cleaner, RUBI offers ceramic tile fitting professionals the best tool to get the best finish for their ceramic tile fitting projects.

The SPOMATIC-250 has a 0.5 CV engine and a system of sponge draining and cleaning that ensures the optimal level of moisture that the sponge needs to clean leftover grouting material.

The pressure mangle system self-regulates the pressure on the sponge and has two positions, one for cleaning and one for changing the sponge.

The sponge roller of the SPOMATIC-250 has a maximum cleaning width of 43 cm.

The design of the bucket of the SPOMATIC-250 incorporates a practical decanting system which facilitates maintaining solid sediments in the first compartment, and feeding the pump (third compartment) always with the cleanest water, thereby maximising the water used and leaving the surface in the best condition possible.

The volume of water of the SPOMATIC-250 is controlled by a separate pump.

The SPOMATIC-250 is easy to use and clean. To use it properly, the user should pull it to exert friction with the sponge in the opposite direction of rotation and always clean diagonal to the direction of the grouting to prevent unintentionally removing it.

The handle of the SPOMATIC-250 is foldable for easy transport.

It includes a sponge (ref. 62950), and a 10 metre power cord.

Thanks to the work and cooperation of all the departments at the company and the great loyalty of our customers, scattered all around the world, we are aware of demands and specific needs of each market. For these reasons, we design and manufacture products and tools that are tailored to each type of market and that meet the needs of the professional.

  • Power Power

References and models for SPOMATIC-250

SPOMATIC-250 230V-50Hz Electric grout cleaner
  • Ref. - 62900
  • EAN-13 - 8413797629002
  • Power supply - 230V/50Hz.
  • Watts - 370 W
  • Net weight without packaging - 38 kg
  • Units per box - 1
  • Units per pallet - 2

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