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Videos T-4000-N grinder


  • Special security system using delayed chassis opening system.
  • Internal grinding zone, equipped with strong replaceable and long lasting turning hammers.
  • Dust reduction system using automatic, high pressure water micro spraying.
  • Watertight, high security electrical connection panel.
  • Three-phase 5.5 Hp/ 4Kw motor with transmission using a set of highly resistant, low maintenance belts.
  • Chassis equipped with input points for lifting with forklift truck.
  • Additional external structure included with the machine for manipulating the grinder with a crane or derrick. ( only T-4000).
  • Maximum hardness to grind 63.82kN.
  • Security system using delayed opening mechanism.
  • Reinforced chassis with forklift truck sockets.
  • Reinforced upper tank.
  • Access to grinding area by turning the upper tank.
  • Easy to change hammers and sieve.
  • European Regulatory Commission

Products not available in our current catalog


Special safety system using delayed device chassis opening.

Internal grinding zone, equipped with replaceable rotary hammers of high hardness and durability.

Dust reduction system by automatic micro water spraying at high pressure.

Maximum safety waterproof electrical connections box. Three-phase motor of 5.5 hp / 4 kW with transmission by a set of high strength and low maintenance.

Chassis fitted with entry points for lifting by forklift.

Additional external structure, included with the machine, for handling the grinder through boom or crane (only T-4000).

Maximum hardness of the material to be ground: 63.82 kN.

Easy opening of the upper tank through a crank.

Reinforced chassis, equipped with entry points for forklift.

Reinforced upper tank. Access to the grinding zone by rotational movement of the upper tank.

Easy exchange of hammer

T-4000-N grinder
  • Power Power

Products not available in our current catalog

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T-4000-N 380V-50Hz 3F Grinder with 40 mm sieve
  • Ref. - 47990
  • EAN-13 - 8413797479904
  • Power supply - 380V/50Hz.
  • Watts - 4000 W
  • Net weight without packaging - 441 kg
  • Units per pallet - 1
  • Exit sieve diameter - 40 mm

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