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  • Dimension upper tank: 19" x 10" ( 480x250mm).
  • Internal grinding zone equipped with two V-shaped hammers that produce waste materials between 12/32" ( 10mm ) and 3 5/32" ( 80mm ) thick.
  • Easy to operate, hydraulic system that regulates the opening up of the hammers ( thickness of the waste ).
  • Grinder equipped with tow inertia wheels and transmission by means of a highly resistant set of belt.
  • Security system. Motor stops when the door opens.
  • Remote control to stop feeding belt in the event of overload of the grinder.
  • Speed of extracting belt ( 826"/min - 21m/min ) is greater than the speed of feeding the belt. ( 3 15/16"-787"/min -
  • Adjustable speed feed belt (0.1-20 m / min.).
  • Incorporates loading belts for the entry and outflow of waste.
  • Total dimensions: 630 x 228 x 115 cm.

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Loading hopper dimensions: 480x250 mm.

Grinder equipped with two V-shaped jaws which can accommodate residues between 10 and 80 mm thick.

Easy to use hydraulic system for regulating the opening of the jaws (thickness of the residue).

Grinder equipped with 2 flywheels and transmission through a set of high strength straps.

Safety system.

Engine stop when the door opened.

Remote control to stop the feeding belt in case of a grinder overload.

Belt extraction speed (21m/min.), higher than the feed belt speed.

Adjustable feed belt speed (0.1-20 m/min.).

It incorporates input and waste output belts.

Overall dimensions: 630 x 228 x 115 cm.

T-7500-M grinder
  • Power Power

Products not available in our current catalog

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T-7500-M 380V-50Hz 3F Grinder
  • Ref. - 47995
  • EAN-13 - 8413797479959
  • Power supply - 380V/50Hz.
  • Watts - 7500 W
  • Net weight without packaging - 2050 kg
  • Units per pallet - 1
  • Exit sieve diameter - 10-80 mm

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