TILE LEVEL levelling system

TILE LEVEL levelling system

Tools and equipment for tile fixing


RUBI, in its ongoing quest for improvement and to provide professional tile fixers with all the possible tools, has designed the following levelling systems: TILE LEVEL.

TILE LEVEL is the ultimate solution to avoid lippage when installing tiles.

Thanks to the work and cooperation of all of the company’s departments and the tireless loyalty of our customers from all over the world, we are aware of the demands and special features of each market. For these reasons, we design and manufacture products and tools that are tailored to each type of market and that meet the needs of the professional.

Its system of reusable strips and caps is the only system on the market able to ensure consistent pressure on the tile. RUBI TILE LEVEL systems thereby ensure against lippage during tile fixing. Professionals who choose the TILE LEVEL levelling system can reduce the installation time for tiles, whilst improving levels of finishing of their work and, therefore, the satisfaction of their customers. The TILE LEVEL QUICK systems ensures a minimum 1.5 mm grout joint, both in floor or wall tile installation work and slabs of natural stone, such as marble or granite.

Another important point in RUBI TILE LEVEL systems is that they offer us the assurance that the levelling will remain effective and will not change during setting, a problem plaguing all tile fixers, and that sometimes causes lost time and wasted materials.

On the RUBI website you can find a file of photos and videos properly classified for this levelling system, which will help you to know a little more about the product. The videos show the most important uses and applications of each tool. Simply search the catalogue and choose the product. There you will find all the information and audiovisual support you need.

Tile level system calculator

*Approximate calculation without considering perimeter or intermediate partitions of the surface to tile.