The internal shape of the 4 mm tile spacers has been designed to provide a better resistance to bending and smashing. Owing to these features, the 4 mm tile spacers are highly recommended for large format ceramic tile jobs.

The principal use of the 4 mm tile spacers is on ceramic floor tiles in general.

One of the most notable features of the RUBI 4 mm tile spacers is that they are manufactured with high quality base material and therefore completely free from impurities and imperfections.

The hollow design of the 4 mm tile spacers facilitates the entry of grout and, if the facilities permit, means that the tile spacer can be left inside the joint without affecting the wholeness of the joint in the future.

RUBI tile spacers, “T” and wedges are undoubtedly a truly indispensable range for obtaining a perfect finish in any ceramic tile range installation work.

Professionals worldwide use the RUBI tile spacers, “T” and wedges because they want the best finish for all of their ceramic tile installation work.

Professional fitters are well aware of how important it is to use high quality breakers, since the finish of their work can be significantly damaged by imperfections or irregularities.

The whole RUBI range of tile spacers and wedges stand out for the uniformity of their performance, the homogeneity of measurements and the absence of irregularities and other small flaws. These features allow professionals who opt for RUBI tile spacers, “T” and wedges to obtain an outstanding finish and with complete accuracy.

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  • Tile spacer for floor tiles.
  • Quality base material, without impurities or imperfections.
  • Redesigned internal geometry. High flexural strength and crushing.
  • Ideal for large formats.

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Tile spacers for 4 mm joints. "Reinforced" (B-200 u.)
  • Ref. - 2954
  • EAN-13 - 8413797029543
  • Units per box - 10
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Tile spacers for 4 mm joints. "Reinforced" (B-1000 u.)
  • Ref. - 2974
  • EAN-13 - 8413797029741
  • Units per box - 1
  • card_giftcardPoints: 3

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