Tile spacers, “T” and wedges

Tile spacers, “T” and wedges

Tools and equipment for tile fixing


RUBI tile spacers, “T” and wedges are undoubtedly a truly indispensable range for obtaining a perfect finish in any ceramic tile range installation work. RUBI tile spacers, “T” and wedges are noted for the uniformity of their products, the homogeneity of measurements and the absence of burrs and other small flaws. These features allow professionals who opt for RUBI tile spacers, “T” and wedges to obtain an outstanding finish with complete accuracy.

RUBI, as a manufacturer and worldwide leader in tools for ceramic tile cutting and fixing, works constantly in the evolution and development of new products. The result of this research has led to TWINFLEX® tile spacers. The first tile spacers to include all the possible functionalities of a separator in a single reference. TWINFLEX® includes 2 measuring actions in one single tile spacer. They are recoverable and reusable. They adapt to different functions; crosshead, T or linear separator functions, without breaking or cutting, and can be used repeatedly. They also allow to work at two different levels at the same time, allowing the professional to move the linearity of their installation from one level to another, either horizontally or vertically. The translucent finishing of TWINFLEX® allows the tile fixer to see the location of the ceramic tile vertices at all times, and the differentiation of the two colour models greatly assists in the work and time spent by professionals.

Professionals worldwide use the RUBI tile spacers, “T” and wedges because they want the best finish for all of their ceramic tile installation work.

RUBI is present in more than 120 countries through our network of sales offices and authorized distributors. For this reason we make it easy for users around the world to find our tools and spare parts. Contact us at "Discover RUBI" or any of our social networks for information on where to find a dealer, we will gladly help.

Tile Leveling System Calculator

*Approximate calculation without considering perimeter or intermediate partitions of the surface to tile.