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TP-S manual cutters

Single guide with multipoint separator and angular measurement.


Each market has its own needs which is why RUBI has the range of TP-S manual single guide cutters.

These manual cutters are designed for intensive work with any type of ceramic tile.

TP-S manual cutters are ideal for cutting porcelain tiles (BIa type). They include a highly impact-resistant monoguided system, which gives them a very long life.

The ergonomic handle of the manual TP-S manual cutters is adapted for a working system, pushing the handle, and includes a retractable spacer which allows you to work with ceramic tiles with thicknesses* of 5 to 20 mm, along with a breaking capacity of 1000 kg.

The TP manual cutters are very easy to use and offer the professional tiler a greater working speed.

In addition, the mobile breaker on TP-S manual cutters ensures high quality in diagonal and angular cuts. All models in the range of TP-S manual cutters feature a central pivot swivel square for quick and precise measurements of angular cuts. Thanks to the lateral stop, the ceramic tiler can make repetitive cuts very easily and with maximum precision.

RUBI TP-S manual cutters have a high strength two-layer aluminium base with a shock absorption effect, and lateral supports for large tiles. Unlike the TP-T tile cutter, with this one we work in a position similar to the double-guide cutters, i.e. in front of the machine.

TP-S ceramic cutters work with a 22 mm scoring wheel, which is made of long-lasting tungsten carbide. This allows us to adapt to each material with a very versatile and effective scoring wheel diameter. All these features make these manual cutters very simple machines to use, whilst they are also durable and lightweight. TP-S manual cutters do not require great care or need any maintenance because the guides do not require lubrication.

* There are some ceramic materials with a thickness over 15 mm which due to their physical properties, possible inner or surface tensions are difficult to cut manually. It is recommended to make some sample cuts to determine the compatibility of the product.

Product highlights

  • Single guide system highly resistant to impacts. Longer life
  • Ergonomic handle and incorporated breaker for speed and ease of use.
  • Swivel square with central pivot for fast and accurate measurement of angular cuts.
  • Long-lasting laser engraved square.
  • Swivel bracket with central pivot for fast and accurate measurement of straight and angular cuts.


  • For intensive cutting of ceramic tile, ideal for Porcelain tiles.


  • Reinforced breaking feet*.
  • Lateral stop for repetitive and accurate cuts.
  • Two-layer base with damping effect
  • Base supplement for large formats tiles.
  • Carrying handle (for TP-66-S and TP-75-S models).
  • Set designed to be used by pushing the handle.
  • RUBIFLEX ergonomic handle.
  • Ø 7/8"(22mm) scoring wheel included. (Ref. 18914)
  • 2+3 years warranty


  • *Some materials with a thickness greater than 15 mm may be difficult to cut manually due to physical characteristics, internal tensions and/or finish. We recommend making sample cuts to determine product compatibility and alternatively suggest cutting these types of material using an electric tile cutter.
  • Base accessory Base accessory
  • Separator power Separator power 1000 kg
  • Cutting height Cutting height 5-20 mm
  • Soft Soft
  • Angular measuring Angular measuring
  • Repetitive cuts Repetitive cuts
  • Mobile separator Mobile separator
  • Protected design Protected design

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Products not available in our current catalog

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Product reviews

Tomasz Jenny
Tomasz Jenny Saturday, 6 October 2018
12958 - TP-93-S Manual cutter

Tnie gres porcelanowy łatwiej niż sie spodziewałem. Polecam każdemu, kto na poważnie zajmuje się glazurnictwem.

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12958 - TP-93-S Manual cutter
Krzysztof Mokwinski
Krzysztof Mokwinski Monday, 10 December 2018
12958 - TP-93-S Manual cutter

Nie ma co na nia narzekać. Super maszyna. Daje rady. Poleca ja innym. Wymiar jest doayc duzy. Ale jest do duzych plytek przeciesz.

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Grzegorz Miśta
Grzegorz Miśta Thursday, 24 January 2019
12958 - TP-93-S Manual cutter

Dzień dobry. Super maszyna.Bardzo funkcjonalne narzędzie godne polecenia. Przecinarka warta wydanych pieniędzy. Wykonałem już na nią kilka zleceń i mogę potwierdzić że bardzo usprawnia pracę.

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Дмитрий Зотов
Дмитрий Зотов Tuesday, 5 March 2019
12958 - TP-93-S Manual cutter

Покупался для резки керамогранита, оправдал все ожидания. Серийная резка просто отлично. Посмотрим на его дальнейшую работу и долговечность режущего элемента. Единственный минус, потребовалась настройка монорельса, из коробки отклонение примерно 2мм. Ну и естественно смазка всех роликов.

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Ryszard Tuesday, 30 April 2019
12958 - TP-93-S Manual cutter

Mialem przyjemnosc pracowac na tej maszynce u znajomego i zakupilem rowniez dla siebie ;) dobrze radzi sobie z twardym gresem

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Laszlo Schneider
Laszlo Schneider Wednesday, 10 July 2019
11973 - TP-125 S Manual Cutter

Beste gerät alle Zeiten , nur Rubi was ich immer kauf!! schneidet alle kleine streifen ab, perfekt!!!!

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Marcin Kochanek
Marcin Kochanek Friday, 8 November 2019

Wybrałej ją ze wzgledów na to że pracowalem na jednej prowadnicy jest mi wygodniej wieksza sila ucisku i produkt przeznaczony do ciecia seryjnego. zastanawialem sie nad 100 jednak wybor padl na 75 lepsza do transportu

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Andrzej Augustyniak
Andrzej Augustyniak Friday, 8 November 2019
11973 - TP-125 S Manual Cutter

Profesjonalne cięcia płytek i łamanie płytki bez problemu.Przecinarka wykonana profesjonalnie i z dobrej jakości produktów.

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Adrian Szczepański
Adrian Szczepański Friday, 6 December 2019

Dobrze tnie. Kółko tnące jest dobrej jakości jednak przymiar przesuwa się po linijce ciężko i jest niedokladny przy duzych płytkach bo kątownik jest krótki

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Николай Чирикин
Николай Чирикин Monday, 9 December 2019
12954 - TP-66-S Manual cutter

Обалденный инструмент. Никакого опыта работы не было, но получилось резать плитку без проблем. Перечитал много отзывов и решил сделать выбор в пользу Rubi. Нисколько не жалею. Хоть плиткорез и не из дешевых, но действительно качественный, что легко понимаешь потрогав более простые модели из Китая

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Jakub Godziewski
Jakub Godziewski Tuesday, 28 January 2020
11900 - TP-102 S Manual Cutter

Bardzo dobra jakość cięć, gorzej natomiast z płytkami chropowatymi gdzie średnica noża jest za mała.

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Андрей Лунёв
Андрей Лунёв Wednesday, 20 May 2020
12954 - TP-66-S Manual cutter

Отличный инструмент! Рез идеальный,без сколов,даже при диагональной резке. Очень довольны приобретением.

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