closeRW-71 Low porosity surfaces wax

RW-71 Low Porous Surface Wax is a self-shining wax with high durability and footfall resistance.This is a water and detergent resistant wax, so that shine lasts longer after regular maintenance cleaning operations.RW-71 Low Porous Surface Wax is a self-shining liquid wax designed to give a high gloss look to low porosity surfaces such as polished ...

closeRW-72 maintenance Wax

RW-72 Maintenance Wax prevents premature wear of treatments with waxes and delays the need to re-apply.It is very easy to apply and offers high performance.RW-72 Maintenance Wax is of a high quality and is suitable for maintenance applications on surfaces previously waxed with the RW-71 product.


RUBI waxes have been formulated to bring out the natural beauty of each material; from the most porous surfaces to more delicate products.

By applying the RUBI wax range, users can protect and polish dull materials in just one treatment.

By using high quality waxes and a formulation adapted to the needs of the sector, RUBI waxing products offer tailored solutions for both highly porous and less porous surfaces, always with the same common goal: to give the user the best performance with the best possible results.

The RUBI range of waxes comprises three products; RW-70 Porous Surface Wax, RW-71 Low Porous Surface Wax and RW-72 Maintenance Wax. It is worth noting that RW-72 Maintenance Wax is specially formulated to prolong the life of all surfaces treated with the RW-70 and RW-71 waxes, although, of course, it is perfectly compatible with other waxes on the market. RW-72 Maintenance Wax can also be used as a brightener to restore and protect surfaces that have previously been polished and crystallized.

Within this product range, both professional ceramic tile fitters and individual users can find a trusted solution for the treatment and maintenance of floor tiles that need a little extra help to improve their aesthetic finish.

The RUBI cleaning, protection and maintenance range ensures a high level of service and provides users with a comprehensive solution, with products for all possible treatment stages; cleaners, protectors, products for waxing and other cleaning and finishing products. The range also contains the tools needed to apply these correctly, such as floats, sponges, cleaning buckets, and cleaners and polishers.