Rubi Zero Dust


What is the Zero Dust system?

RUBI is strictly committed to the safety of professional tile installers. That’s why we have developed the ZERO DUST system in collaboration with TNO (The Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research) as part of the DUST FREE WORKING program.

The ZERO DUST system reduces the amount of breathable quartz dust particles, providing a clean and safe working environment.

Rubi Zero Dust

The ZERO DUST system, exclusive from RUBI, is tested and certified by the TNO. The system provides "safe exposure" to quartz dust particles within the "user inhalation area". This allows the RUBI tile saws work up to 3 consecutive hours in a day* cutting ceramic tile and and 1 hour cutting natural stone.

Rubi Zero Dust

How does the Zero Dust system works?

When cutting stone-like materials, the quartz dust particles release into the environment and the user exposes to the inhalation of these particles.

Using a wet tile saw helps control the release of these particles, since water significantly reduces the generation of dust. However, this does not mean that the exposure risk to these particles no longer exists.

With the ZERO DUST system, RUBI offers the first tile saw with the TNO certificate for cutting ceramic tile and natural stone.

All models of the RUBI DC, DS, DX and DR tile saws manufactured from March 2017 onward will include the ZERO DUST system.