Perforating in the installation of the ceramic tile, or other coating materials, is increasingly common and important, and one of the most popular options among the markets is the range of dry-cut diamond bits.

For a correct perforation, it is necessary to use a guidance system that helps us to position the drill bit and guarantees the accuracy of the hole.

The ZERO DUST guide not only makes the positioning and guiding of the drill bit easier, with drill bits up to Ø 75 mm, it also allows us to extract the dust generated during dry drilling, that can be harmful to our health.

Thanks to its connection of Ø 30 to 35 mm we can couple virtually any vacuum cleaner on the market. The vacuum generated by the vacuum cleaner itself allows the ZERO DUST guide to be fixed to any surface, regardless of whether it is smooth, rough, structured, or if a grout joint is in between.

Made of vulcanized rubber, coming from 100% recycled material, the ZERO DUST guide has a very high resistance to daily impacts and wear. The centered guide is metallic, to provide a greater resistance to wear caused by friction with the drill bits during drilling.

To facilitate its installation, the ZERO DUST guide can work in 4 different positions, allowing you to reach the most inaccessible areas or position the vacuum cleaner hose in the most practical way for the user.

The ZERO DUST product line, exclusive to RUBI, reduces the volume of quartz (silica) dust particles suspended in the air and to which the user is exposed. When working, we must always maintain safe exposure levels and ZERO DUST products guarantee these levels.

In the design of all RUBI products, the RUBI R & D team, composed by engineers and professionals from various parts of the world, has been vital. The fact of receiving information from many parts of the world offers us the possibility of having a global vision of the business and the needs of professionals in order to design tools adapted to each market.


  • For drilling in dry wall, stoneware and porcelain tiles.
  • Maximum 8 hours of continuous work recommended by TNO Maximum 8 hours of continuous work recommended by TNO
  • Zero Dust Zero Dust
  • Maximum 6 hour of continuous work recommended by TNO Maximum 6 hour of continuous work recommended by TNO

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