The RUBI Ø7/8in PLUS wheel incorporates a scoring wheel made of tungsten carbide.

The exclusive machining and sharpening of the rulina of the RUBI Ø7/8in scoring wheel PLUS rounder allow it to offer an exceptional quality in the scratching, both of ceramic tiles of porcelain stoneware (type BIa) and of enameled stoneware tiles (type BIIa) of high hardness. The incision of the scoring wheel of the PLUS rode of Ø7/8in is deep, especially indicated for the hardest materials.

The RUBI Ø7/8in scoring wheel PLUS rivet allows for cuts without chipping in the enamel or deviations. In the specific case of the Ø7/8in PLUS wheel, the professional has a tool especially recommended for those cases in which it is difficult to obtain an optimal cut, due to the great hardness of the material or its enamel.

The GOLD version of RUBI Ø7/8in PLUS cords incorporates titanium nitride coating on the scoring wheel. This special coating increases the resistance to wear of the own scoring wheel, resulting in a higher performance of the tool.

The RUBI Ø7/8in PLUS handle (protected under patent) is a rectified steel profile, which offers the professional maximum precision, due to its exclusive design with triple grooves, and high resistance to wear.

The rodel is in charge, in a manual cutter, to ensure the perfect scratch on the enamel or top layer of the tile, so that later, in the process of separation, we can obtain a straight and clean cut.

With the PLUS Ø7/8in scoring wheel we will obtain the best results in quality and cutting precision than any professional in the installation of precise ceramic tiles.

Thanks to the work and collaboration of all the departments of the company and the high loyalty of our customers from many parts of the world, we are aware of the demands and particularities of each market. For these reasons, we design and manufacture products and tools that adapt to each type of market and that meet the needs of the professional.


  • Special for sharp cuttings in hard ceramics.
  • Ideal for smooth surfaces.
  • Tungsten Carbide scoring wheel of high resistance and duration.
  • Tungsten Carbide Caster with Surface Titanium Treatment
  • Incorporates bearings, eliminating shaft wear and thus extending cutting life.
  • Patented geometry handle for maximum accuracy and minimum vibration.
  • Longer duration.

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10 mm PLUS Scoring Wheel for TX and TZ
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Piotr Michalik
Piotr Michalik Monday, March 11, 2019

Nóż plus 22 mm kupiłem jako uzupełnienie do mojej maszynki ręcznej Speed Magnet 92 co pozwala mi na precyzyjne cięcie twardych gresów. Dobrze sprawdza się również do gresów szkliwionych.

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