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BASIC tile cutters

Ideal for small renovations and light work.


Ideal for small renovations and light work, RUBI BASIC tile cutters are recommended for cutting stoneware and ceramic tiles.

With a maximum cutting thickness of 25/64 in., RUBI BASIC tile cutters can, thanks to their versatile 35/64 in. roller guides made of tungsten carbide, provide highly satisfactory results for building renovators.

All BASIC tile cutter models include a practical lateral stop as standard for the measurement and execution of repetitive and diagonal cuts at 45°.

The single guide and mobile breaker system give the BASIC tile cutters good bending strength at the moment of breaking.

The guide supports, made of aluminum, and the steel plate base, complete a highly efficient kit for cutting stoneware and other tiles.

The BASIC range of tile cutters is composed of three models; 40, 50 and 60.

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  • For cutting Floor and Wall tiles.


  • Base, guide & supports in steel and aluminium.
  • Mobile breaker and Ø9/16"(14mm) Tungsten Carbide scoring wheel included.
  • Also comes with lateral stop and 45º square.
  • 2 year warranty
  • Cutting height Cutting height 10 mm
  • Protected design Protected design

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BASIC-50 tile cutter with Lateral stop and 45º square
  • Ref. - 25955
  • EAN-13 - 8413797259551
  • Cutting length - 21"
  • Diagonal cutting length - 14-1⁄4 x 14-1⁄4"
  • Cutting height - 0.39 lbs
  • Net weight without packaging - 5.5 lbs
  • Units per box - 6
  • Units per pallet - 78
  • card_giftcardPoints: 6
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BASIC-60 tile cutter with Lateral stop and 45º square
  • Ref. - 25956
  • EAN-13 - 8413797259568
  • Cutting length - 24"
  • Diagonal cutting length - 17"
  • Cutting height - 0.39 lbs
  • Net weight without packaging - 7.7 lbs.
  • Units per box - 6
  • Units per pallet - 72
  • card_giftcardPoints: 7
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