exterior waterproofing

exterior waterproofing

¿Where and how to apply the exterior waterproofing sealant?

This exterior waterproofing product that comes from the Rubi factory is for all kinds of porous materials, such as: concrete, brick, stone and tiles. It prevents dirt from penetrating the pores and therefore makes the cleaning process much easier.

The treated surface allows general cleaning with typical detergents or even pressurized water, since it forms a fully waterproofing seamless elastic film that protects surfaces from external dirt and moisture. Its composition provides good results in applications exposed to sunlight, weathering and wear. The exterior waterproofing sealant penetrates into the pores without forming a film allowing the evaporation of moisture while repelling stains wine, cola, coffee, oil etc.

Things to keep in mind:

As the porosity of the material varies from one to another, it should be noted that a single layer of exterior waterproofing sealant can serve for a material, but not another. So, how to know if the application is good?

To determine whether the application of exterior waterproofing is good, you have to saturate the porous material. We accomplish this with a visually check when the fluid is stagnant and is not absorbed by the tile, cement, stone etc.


When we apply the exterior waterproofing sealant you should use a roller, brush or even a sponge. Clean, dry and dust free. DO NOT Spray the product!!

facade exterior waterproofing

facade exterior waterproofing

Let dry for 5 hours before applying a second coat.

The best advice I can give is always to do a little test before applying to the full surface. If you apply the exterior waterproofing sealant product to a material which is not porous, the waterproofing will not penetrate and consequently achieve an inconspicuous but undesirable effect.

Undiluted performance is between 8-12m2 / L

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