To cut ceramic tile, we don’t only need an electric or manual cutter, we also need to use our heads and apply common sense. So by entering the mind of the user, we need to know if that which we are doing, is of our liking and we’d want to see it at home every day.

To be honest, I think that there is no better satisfaction for a pro tiler, other than to know that a great job has been done; only to be criticised by matters of taste but not of execution.

The next situation I’m going to display, I’ve witnessed many times, that I think it should be commented openly. Nobody should see this as criticism but rather than an opportunity to improve.

We are speaking about a reform of a the common areas in a building of 73 flats, which may have an average of 3 people per apartment, equals 219 people. 219 people that enter and exit the building everyday; or which is the same, 219 people judging the reform.


Entrande Hall detail

Understanding that this is a fair amount of flats in the building, we know what the neighbours are going to say “ I don’t like it “ but we don’t want to speak about the style or design since it is the customer that is going to decide the materials.

So I followed the evolution of this reforma almost daily and everything was great until the final details…

The gauging was excelent, which covered all details, like the particular shape of the hall entrance; as the division of two stair cases along with certain unleveled points throughout the job which are now corrected.


Acces to the stairs

Throughout the job, everything seemed perfect. The material was a porcelain gres, 30×60 and two different models to differentiate the pavement from the wall coating. A TS-60 Rubi Tool to do the cutting of the tiler and a Angle grinder with a diamond blade.

Most of the cuts were made with the manual cutter, which shows, that the material was not a problem, even do it was porcelain. I understand that a grinder be used to cut ceramic tile when the manual cutter can’t assist us: squares, L cuts, or even straight cuts if the material is too hard for the manual cutter; just as much as for those hidden cuts.

But to ignore the quality of the finish when cutting a ceramic tile in high visibility areas, this, I’m sorry, but this is unacceptable; and it’s with these details that tilers show their professionalism.

Fifty years ago, our ancestors didn’t have a third of the tools that we dispose of today; and I know that many of you may think that the materials have also changed, but precisely because of that, today job can be done much better.

The finish obtained with the grinder. This piece is at the same height as the switch of the elevator which enters with direct eye contact.


angle grinder detail. This piece is at the height of the elevator botton, this is at the height of the eyes.