Rubi Tools

Cellulose Sponge

Cellulose sponges are the new technology introduced into the markets. A unique resistant cellulose sponge for all grout cleaning jobs including epoxy materials. Different shapes and sizes contenting the users needs. The cellulose sponges making the removal of excess and finishing of grout a much faster and easier process.   Use:  For cleaning all

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Tile spacers

Who knows by EU standards what the mínimum spacer is between tiles? It is known by most the concept and reality of “ EVERYTHING BREATHS” in construction. We understand that everything dilates and contracts, from the foundations to the finishing materials. Due to this and in tiling senses, there is a minimum grout joint between

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Electric cutter

Grinder, Electric portable cutter or mobile head cutter? Whenever we face cuts on materials such as porcelain, gres, natural stone where a manual cutter can’t perform, we end up using an electric option such as a grinder, an electric portable cutter or a mobile head cutter. These cutting solutions are the most common practices. Let’s

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