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How to Lay Mosaic Tile?

Whether it’s your pool, bathroom, backsplash, or even flooring, mosaic tiles have made a splash in the last few years. They’re perfect for creating a bold statement in any room they’re placed in, no matter the material used for the tile installation. Ready to learn more and how to lay mosaic tile? Read on to

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Can I Lay Tile Over Tile? How to Do It Right

With the coronavirus pandemic forcing many of us to stay at home, it’s no wonder that we’ve started renovating our spaces. The home improvement boom seems like it’s here to stay, and as such, many of us have turned to larger projects. Unfortunately, kitchen and bathroom remodel, as much more involved projects, require far more

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Tile Installation: How to Lay Tile

A true professional is always looking to improve his craft. So learn everything you need to know from the pros at RUBI in the tile installation. Each step is laid out so that anybody from a DIYer to a seasoned veteran installer can learn something. INDEX 1. How to tile 2. Tools Needed for Tiling

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