The DELTA TILE LEVELING SYSTEM nippers are designed to be used in both horizontal (floor) and vertical (wall) tile installation work. The main function of the DELTA nippers from RUBI is to give the wedge the pressure needed to allow the leveling of the ceramic tile. There by obtaining the resulting homogeneous flatness.

The DELTA TILE LEVELING SYSTEM nippers have a design that allows professional tile installers work in large areas, at the same time obtaining greater comfort thanks to its ergonomics, high strength and toughness.

The concept of ergonomics is always present within the design of our tools, as we believe that safety and minimizing the risk of injury at work are essential for health and proper performance.

The DELTA TILE LEVELING SYSTEM from RUBI is ideal for installing large format tiles (minimum size required: 12”x12”) and thicknesses of 1/8”-1/2”, 1/4"-9/16” or 7/16”-13/16” (depending on the model of the DELTA strips) using the back buttering technique.

The nippers allow pressure to be adjusted according to the thickness of the tile, allowing the user to always exert the exact pressure necessary at all times and thus facilitating the use of the system for users who are not accustomed to it.

The DELTA TILE LEVELING SYSTEM by RUBI prevents the movement of parts when the adhesive is setting and improves the resulting surface flatness.

Thanks to the DELTA TILE LEVELING SYSTEM, the installer sees how work time is reduced and the profitability of tile installation work improves.

Thanks to the variety of heights and thicknesses in the DELTA strips, the user can adapt the use of DELTA TILE LEVELING SYSTEM to any tile installation job.


  • Made of steel with ergonomic plastic handles.
  • 6 positions height adjustment according to the thickness of the ceramic tile.
  • Protective sleeve on the clamp to avoid damaging the tile.


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