closeDisplay for manual tile cutters

Display stand for 3 manual tile cutters.

closeDisplay for diamond blades

Desktop dispenser display for blades up to 10in.Capacity:- 20 x 4-1/2 in. blades.- 10 x 7-10-10 in. blades

closeGeneral display stand

Linear display stand for general products.Available in two sizes: 25.59 and 39.37 in. wide.Includes hooks for products and price-holder for the two trays.Additional trays and racks for general display stands are optional.


To facilitate the promotion and sale of its products, RUBI offers its clients and distributors a wide range of displays specially designed for its product line.

From the typical and well-known general displays, available in two sizes: 39.4 and 25.6 in., to the most personalized models specific to each RUBI product line: the displays for manual machines or displays for mixers.

Not forgetting the increasingly requested desk displays, with their practical dispensing function, for RUBI scoring wheels, blades, and drill bits.